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Nobody expects to discover that their home has been damaged by water, a sewer backup, or a flood. It’s one of those things we see on television, but we never expect it to happen to us.

So right now, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed. You know that you need to get a water restoration services company out to your home to assess and repair the damage fast… but who?

  • There are a LOT of restoration contractors in southern Arizona in and around all of Maricopa county, Pinal county and Yavapai county. Some of them are decent. Others are just “Chuck-in-a-truck” guys looking to make a quick buck. So you’re in the frustrating position of having to make a decision quickly, but you have no idea who to trust!
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Call the Water Damage Restoration Pro’s BEFORE You Call Your Insurance Carrier….

Every insurance company is responsible to their shareholders to minimize claims and keep expenses to a minimum. But, it doesn’t have to be your claim that gets shortchanged if you call us first. We’ll provide a detailed estimate that is based on your biggest concern and that is the quality of your life and the restoration of your home back to pre-damage condition.

We’re not looking for shortcuts that can have a lasting impact on the health of your family and the integrity of your home; instead, we’ll identify all aspects of the disaster that are many times overlooked by insurance companies. You’ll have in your hands a FULL accounting of all of the damage that you can submit to your carrier before they attempt an uninformed settlement.

Turn to Doan Restoration for over a decade of experience in working with literally hundreds of insurance company claims. We’re in your corner when it comes to ensuring your claim is settled fairly and in the best interest of you and your family. Plus, we can usually make this a zero out of the pocket experience when you allow us to handle the cleanup and restoration process for you.

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Let Us Put Your Mind at Ease (and Your Home Back to the Way it Was)!

What makes Doan Restoration the right choice for repairing your home’s water damage and restoring your living space to the way it was before?

  • We’re fully certified and in good standing with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a non-profit organization committed to setting exceptional standards in the home cleaning and restoration industry.
  • You get a full 2-year warranty on ALL work we perform – you can rest easy knowing that if it’s not right, we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right!
  • Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergencies rarely happen during normal business hours, but whenever you need us, we’ll be there!
  • If you have a water or sewer backup emergency, our certified, uniformed techs can be there in just 30 minutes!
  • We hold a consistent “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)… and we have exactly ZERO complaints on file!
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Plus, Our Commitment to Excellence Has Earned Us These HomeAdvisor Certifications:

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Don’t Trust Your Home to Just Any Water Mitigation Company, Contact the Pros at Doan Restoration Now and Get Expert Water Damage Restoration Fast!

The pro’s at Doan Restoration specialize in flood & storm damage restoration in the Doan Restoration area to remove water from your home or business while cleaning anything damaged by water.

This is done to preserve the structure and reduce the possibility of dangerous mold. In addition to the devastation of a property, flood damage water can spread contaminants that might result in illness. Addressing flood damage quickly after it has happened will considerably reduce the danger of illness and health concerns.

Flood damage happens when moisture seeps into framing, floorboards, walls, trim and other parts of your home or property. Over time, this flood water will bend, warp, rot, and possibly instigate mold and mildew growths.

Our professional and courteous restoration specialists understand the seriousness of these flood issues, ensuring that your home is restored as quickly as possible.

When you turn to Doan Restoration, you are selecting powerful and skilled emergency cleanup and restoration services, as well as ensuring that other, undiagnosed problems don’t surface weeks or months later. Our specialists not only cope with the emergency at hand but can also provide the drywall, painting, flooring and plumbing services needed to return your home to its original state. Doan Restoration is here in your time of need to ensure so that you can rest easy knowing the job has been completed right, the first time.

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The longer flood, water, or sewer backup goes unaddressed, the more extensive the damage can become. And that translates to higher restoration costs (and in some cases, the damage left for an extended period can become completely unrepairable).

That’s exactly what happens to many Arizona homeowners who hire “fly by night” contractors who just perform surface repairs for cheap.

Don’t risk your home by hiring a company that promises cheap prices and delivers “band-aid” restoration. The experts at Doan Restoration will get the job done right the first time… and put your home back in the same condition it was before the damage happened.

We’re available any time of the day or night – give us a call now and get your restoration and water removal work done quickly and correctly… with no hassles or surprises.

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